History of the Hartlepool station

Railway Station Potted History.

1839 The Stockton and Darlington Railway has been successful and the construction of railways seems to offer great commercial possibilities resulting in the decision to connect the Clarence Coal Railway near Billingham with the old port of Hartlepool despite strong opposition from the Tees Navigation Company, the Stockton and Darlington Railway and the Hartlepool Dock and Railway Company, all naturally in competition. Thus it is that in 1839 a joint stock company is formed to create a branch line of eight miles uniting the coalfields of the Central and southern districts of Durham and the port and town of Stockton with the bay and town of Hartlepool.

1841 It is named the Stockton and Hartlepool Railway and the Stockton and Hartlepool Railway line opens in 1841

1841 On the 9th of February Hartlepool West station is opened leading in turn to the prosperous development of West Hartlepool with its new harbour, docks and port. The railway and the docks make it possible to export coal from the Durham coalfield through Hartlepool. As a result Hartlepool booms and later becomes the fourth most important port of the United Kingdom

1844 Ward Jackson takes a Bill to Parliament for the formation of the West harbour and the first dock.

1846 West Hartlepool harbour and docks under construction. Ward Jackson is managing Director

1847 West Hartlepool Harbour opens

1848 In February Hartlepool West station is renamed West Hartlepool. Ward Jackson is Managing Director of the Stockton and Hartlepool Railway.

1852 June 1st the Jackson Dock is opened. On the same day the Leeds Railway line is connected, bringing Hartlepool in direct communication with the West Riding of Yorkshire and access to Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.

1879 Railway Station is built in Northgate on the Headland.

1880 May 3rd Church Street Railway Station opens and replaces the one in Mainsforth Terrace which becomes a Goods Station. The name West Hartlepool is retained.

1863 All lines become part of the North Eastern Railway

1900 The wall mounted North Eastern Railway Tile Map in white pot is installed in Hartlepool Station where it can still be found today.

1905 The coastal route between Sunderland and West Hartlepool is completed

1967 On April 26th following the merger of Hartlepool and West Hartlepool the Station is renamed Hartlepool

1972 Pictures of the Station in 1972

2007 Grand Central service started.

2010 New Booking office and toilets are added to the station. The Girders are removed and roof reglazed.

2010 Tall Ships Race celebrated in Hartlepool. The station plays a vital role.

2011 New waiting room added to Hartlepool Station.